So I have this friend who has a top notch training organisation, I have been telling him for some time now to partner with us at Rhics Tech to offer programmes in IT not currently offered in-house. He consistently tells me how he thinks I just want to use him to get into the market (Yeah this may be true to some extent) OR how I will tap into his customer base (again may be true).

However, he forgets the tangible benefits of extending his product line to include more options for his clients (“dynamic value proposition”), or the reputational benefits that partnering with a UK / international agency would bring, not to talk about lncreased revenue. (I still love you though boss, you know who you are.. lol)


However bigger brands now understand that Business is both competition and cooperation.



Case study:

Look at Sky and NETFLIX, two of the biggest movie platforms in the UK partnering to provide content on the Sky Q Device. Usually considered competitors, Sky realised that Netflix have a huge consumer network and Netflix know that Sky have a robust TV subscription platform that will give customers access to netflix content on the same devices they use to watch other “Sky” channels… Thus creating additional value for the customer…

A “win-win” situation made possible by digital transformation strategies as opposed to the traditional “winner takes all” approach.

Yet some small businesses sell shoes online and consider dress makers as competitors. Imagine if you joined forces and became “Coopetitors”?

Coopetition is the process of cooperation between companies that are otherwise considered competitors. Digital platforms have made it easy & necessary for companies to engage in coopetition through data sharing and streamlined processes; leading to business growth & increased customer networks.

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Written by Christian Junior.

Christian is a multi-skilled IT Consultant with first-rate taught and practical experiences gained in Information & Communication Technology. He maintains an impressive portfolio of over 200 successfully executed projects within various disciplines; from business analysis to marketing, digital advertising, social media marketing/management, UX design, mobile and web development.

Christian currently serves as the managing director of RHICS. In this role, he has advised, designed and consulted on numerous IT projects for an international clientele spread across 10 countries (and includes the likes of Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Chartered Insurance Institute of London, Antigua High Commission London, Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions, Cooling Tech Grenada, MICAH.

Over a career spanning several years, Christian has developed proven understanding of customer and stakeholder requirements whilst delivering innovative solutions that facilitate business processes. Known as the “IT Guru” he is passionate about exploring modern technology; social and new media platforms towards achieving the core objectives of any business.

Christian is a firm believer in knowledge/skills transfer and travels around the world educating business leaders on Digital Transformation and IT strategies for excellent customer services, optimum productivity and profitability.

His hobbies include travelling, football, reading, socialising & “staying online”!