Mobile Applications

Our team of designers are trained on the latest mobile development techniques and processes across the most popular operating systems.

At Rhics we understand mobile applications inside out, be it Android, Blackberry or iPhone and iPad apps. We can advise you on what works and doesn’t work to ensure your mobile app has the most engaging functionality and design. We can design and develop great looking native or web based applications with awesome features and functionality for your mobile platform choice. By working with you to design, build, launch and promote applications, we will ensure you have a strong brand identity and presence in the mobile sector.

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Why Invest in a Mobile App?

mobile app is a software application developed specifically for use wireless computing devices such as smartphones and tablets, rather than desktop or laptop computers. It has the following benefits:

  • Ability to function offline
  • Browser independence
  • Mobile users spend over 86% usage time on apps
  • Ability to send instant messages via PUSH notificatons
  • Apps are quicker than websites
  • Facilitates top of the mind brand awareness
  • Mobile Apps Offer Better Personalisation
  • Mobile apps can utilise phone features such as camera, contacts, GPS etc
  • Increased consumer conversions

Smart Phone users

Mobile App Revenue in 2017

Increase in mobile AI investment

Our Expertise – Why Choose Rhics

With the recent advancements in mobile technology, individuals are spending more time on their mobile devices accessing online content than ever before.

High Return on Investment

A Rhics planned and implemented mobile application can significantly improve revenue and reduce operational costs by automating several day-to-day activities.

Improved Competitive Advantage

A Rhics mobile application will hugely improve your brand perception, keeping you at par with rivals, allowing competition with even the largest corporations.

Personalised, Bespoke Mobile Apps

Rhics designs and develops bespoke mobile applications, personalised to suit your business model and or requireement specifications.

Scalable, Affordable & Reliable

Our mobile apps are intuitive, easy to setup, manage and extend functionally. We provide the best in pricing and quality.

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