An IT Consultancy that creates effective strategies guaranteed to knock over the competition…

The smallest insight about the latest market trends, your competitor’s strategy or the latest technological advancements could be enough for you to take the majority of the market share for your niche. We focus on developing efficient, cost-effective IT strategies for businesses.

Digital Strategies

With the emergence of social media and advancements in technology, individuals are spending more time on their mobile devices than ever before; accessing online content. As a result of the billions of people connected online, the internet is now the most effective platform for businesses to achieve sustainable growth. Rhics digital strategies guarantee a high return on investment, enabling businesses to improve sales, bottom-line profitability and growth through online channels. Get started today!

Cyber Security Strategies

The Internet brings huge business opportunities and benefits; it also brings some security risks. It is increasingly important to manage these risks to take advantage of the internet whilst protecting your business. Every day there are attacks on the IT systems of companies like yours, attempting to steal information and money, or disrupt business activities. Our cyber security risk management strategy prevents and mitigates the effects of unauthorised access, change, theft or destruction of data.

Operational Strategies

We focus on developing operational strategies for businesses centred around IT. We add value through:
  • Increased Revenue, Reduced costs
  • Real-time, Efficient Customer Services
  • Increased brand awareness & customer loyalty
  • Improved Competitive Advantage
  • Increased productivity

Digital Transformation & Disruption

Customers today are constantly connecting, engaging and influencing each other, and shaping business reputations and brands. Their use of digital tools is changing how customers discover, evaluate, purchase, and use products, and how they share, interact, and stay connected with brands.

This is forcing businesses to re‐think their traditional methodologies, and re‐examine their customer’s path to purchase, which may skip from social networks to search engines, mobile screens, to laptops, to walking into a branch, or asking for customer service in a live online chat.

Organisations need new strategies and capabilities to build digital trust and responsibility effectively, preserving their ability to deliver sustainable growth.

We develop modern IT strategies for businesses. 

Why choose Rhics?

  • We have years of experience & give more value for your investment
  • We have knowledge of various industries and markets
  • We have a global reach with access to international contacts
  • 98% of our customers are satisfied