Events & Conference Promotions

We create bespoke, professional promotional videos for all kinds of events; from corporate events to international conferences, summits, religious programs etc. Our videos are suitable for all types of media; online, television and mobile friendly.

We provide a fully managed video production service. We send our expert photographers and videographers on location to generate organic video content, interview speakers, amongst others.

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Advertising & Online Marketing Videos

With several years experience in video advertising, we understand what your target audience need. We work with you from concept to implementation, ensuring the core business offerings are passed across to your target clientele in the most effective format for maximum conversion.

  • Adverts for Television
  • YouTube and online adverts
  • Mobile video adverts
  • Social Media Videos
  • Mobile optimised viral videos
  • Website videos

Business Promo / Information Video

It is estimated that over 80% website visitors would rather watch a video about your business than read a whole page of text. Videos make it easy for website visitors to understand your business in its entirety within a few minutes.

Video appears in 70% of the top 100 search results listings, so using video to promote your business creates huge SEO advantages. Search engines like Google are rewarding video producers with free traffic and streams of qualified visitors that can turn into customers.

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Why invest in a professional Video?

  • Video boosts sales and conversion
  • Videos build credibility and trust
  • Videos provide a huge return on investment (ROI)
  • Video marketing explains product or service better
  • Mobile users love videos
  • Videos provide engaging & interactive content
  • Videos make social sharing & customer advocacy easier

Get in touch with us

Contact us today to discuss your business requirements; we will be happy to provide you with complimentary consultation and quotation. We formulate strategies and design applications that help your business thrive.

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Customer Reviews

  • I just want to thank Christian for journeying all the way to Grenada to do this for us. I think it is a much-needed program at this point in Grenada where we are moving and transition into a time whereby everything is done online.

    Dick Noel
    Hubbards Grenada
  • The greatest takeaway for myself and my team is that we’re able to improve our inbound marketing and sale. Also, how to attract customers, convert them and close them.

    Ruth Wilson
    Soarers International
  • The digital age is upon us. Guyana is an right now in the emerging state so internet boom will be upon us soon. Digital technologies, so to speak, should be adopted by everyone. We should transform our current ways of doing things and go digital because that is where the future is.

    Jaswant Persand
    Edward B. Beharry Group Guyana
  • One of the things I’ve learned so far from this training is that there are so many platforms that you could advertise your business or organization to earn more support or clients. We’ve learned a lot so far.

    Mark A. Roberts
    Ministry of Education, Guyana
  • I’ve learned that we don’t need to fight our competition; we can cooperate to get a co-opetition.

    Ariff Shaw
    Edward B. Beharry Group Guyana