IT & Digital Training

Our programmes are centred around practical techniques that aid sustainable growth and development of any business in the digital age.

  • Scope; – A series of programmes designed to enable SME’s and larger organisations achieve their core business agenda by utilising cost-effective IT platforms, latest technology, proven methodologies and new media in the proliferation of the business objectives.

  • Programs; Our training programmes are designed to be delivered either as a face-to-face course or online learning.

Executive IT Training

Our executive programmes are modelled to facilitate Sustainable growth and development through the use of IT & digital platforms.

Our Sustainable Business enhancement through IT programme is a long-term management model based on solid corporate values on which we educate executives to grow, innovate and create value for customers, employees, investors and suppliers, as well as for the environment and the communities where we operate by utilising Information Technology.

SMEs & Entrepreneurs

  • These training programmes empower individuals and small business owners towards achieving a lean business start-up through utilisation of the RHICS ‘DIY methodology’.

  • The core focus is to train participants on how to cost-effectively implement the basic IT infrastructure required to run a successful business in the 21st Century on restricted budgets.

  • The Rhics “IT for SMEs” programmes focus on customer acquisition, customer retention and raising brand awareness through the use of IT, social media, online advertising and digital marketing tools.

The Junior Coders Academy

  • Information Technology is now a fundamental aspect of everyday life and young people have a natural passion for technology. In a fully digitised world, It is essential that children understand the basics of Computing.

  • The Rhics Junior Coders Academy programmes help develop young minds, opening up avenues for critical analysis, problem solving, creative thinking, innovation, and creative design.
  • Our programmes range from HTML, PHP Javascript coding to design, artificial intelligence, networking, online security and privacy amongst others.
  • Courses are designed for different age groups from 8 – 18 years old. We aim to create future tech inventors by transforming the way children think and progress in life.

Bespoke IT Courses

In addition to our set programmes, we can create bespoke courses within IT to suit any requirement. Our bespoke IT courses can be created for any level of the organisation. We have a network trainers of the highest calibre locally and internationally with taught and practical industry experience. Contact us today to discuss your training needs.

    Face-to-Face Training

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