About Rhics Digital Tech Ltd

Rhics is a creative digital agency located in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. We specialise in Mobile & Web Application development, Design & Branding and general IT consultancy.

We have a proven history of creating online success for global organisations via our suite of services offerings. We help define your goals, create effective strategies, build easy to use applications, and design award-winning systems that communicates the desired message.

Our process unites talent & passion with discipline.

We provide comprehensive IT training at our state of the art training centre in Victoria Island. Our IT training programmes cover a wide range of subject areas from Digital Business Strategies to Cyber Security 

Client Feedback & Testimonials

  • I just want to thank Christian for journeying all the way to Grenada to do this for us. I think it is a much-needed program at this point in Grenada where we are moving and transition into a time whereby everything is done online.

    Dick Noel
    Hubbards Grenada
  • The greatest takeaway for myself and my team is that we’re able to improve our inbound marketing and sale. Also, how to attract customers, convert them and close them.

    Ruth Wilson
    Soarers International
  • The digital age is upon us. Guyana is an right now in the emerging state so internet boom will be upon us soon. Digital technologies, so to speak, should be adopted by everyone. We should transform our current ways of doing things and go digital because that is where the future is.

    Jaswant Persand
    Edward B. Beharry Group Guyana
  • One of the things I’ve learned so far from this training is that there are so many platforms that you could advertise your business or organization to earn more support or clients. We’ve learned a lot so far.

    Mark A. Roberts
    Ministry of Education, Guyana
  • I’ve learned that we don’t need to fight our competition; we can cooperate to get a co-opetition.

    Ariff Shaw
    Edward B. Beharry Group Guyana
  • One of the things that stood out to me is the fact that in order for your business to be relevant in this technological age, you can use the different social media platforms to promote your business. It can help you to get more customers.

    Nerissa Sam
    Public Service Credit Union
  • I found the training in digital strategies for business growth to be a real and practical journey towards my organization achieving a competitive edge in the industry; the finance e industry. It really put in focus our strategic plans; how we target our customers and remain relevant in a digital marketing world.

    Roger Duncan
    Co-operative Bank
  • I’ve been to the business transformation course in Guyana. It was awesome and I encourage all of you to try and get digitally transformed.

    Greg De Gannes
    KFC – Guyana
  • I must say this course has been very insightful and I would recommend it for anywhere who is serious about marketing and business growth.

    Melissa Jones
    Co-operative Bank
  • I just completed the Digital Strategies for Business Growth course which was moderated by Christian. This guy is fantastic; he knows his stuff. His delivery mechanisms are fantastic. He’s very conversant with the topic and I would suggest this course to everyone. My main takeaway from this course is that it has opened my mind up to all the possibilities that the social media platforms can deliver value to my customers and as a consequence of that benefit to me and my practice.

    Gavin Cornwall
    Avantgarde / Pan-American Life Insurance
  • Coming out of this training, I have a better understanding of the most cost-effective tools that I can use to market my business.

    Aarona Moses
    Island Twist – Grenada
  • I contacted Rhics about a web design project, they quickly sent me one of their consultant who was very helpful. In a matter of days my emails were up and running I had myy logo and branding designed, and my website followed a couple of weeks later. They are expert designers, very efficient, professional and affordable: a combination that is very difficult to find these days. I highly recommend them. www.101bookreviews.com

    Greg Loades

We are A Full service Digital Agency in Lagos for all things Web, Mobile & Graphic

We offer the best in price and quality in Nigeria

Our Expertise

Advertising & Multimedia Productions

We create bespoke, professional promotional videos for all kinds of events; from corporate events to international conferences, summits, religious programs etc. Our videos are suitable for all types of media; online, television and mobile friendly.

Advertising & Multimedia Productions

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Our in-house expert SEO consultants are qualified professionals with many years of experience. We work alongside you to develop effective search engine optimisation strategies.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

IT Strategy & Consultancy

An IT Consultancy that creates effective strategies guaranteed to keep you ahead of the competition. The smallest insight about the latest market trends, your competitors strategy or the latest technological advancements could…

IT Strategy & Consultancy

Digital Marketing & Online Advertising

Rhics develops solutions and strategies for utilising SEO techniques, social media and other IT platforms towards customer acquisition & retention, increased brand awareness, increased sales, revenue and bottom line profitability.

Digital Marketing & Online Advertising

Event Design

Rhics provides a unique event design and management service that focuses on utilising IT towards the successful delivery of global events. Our event design strategy is underpinned by our holistic approach to managing your event through the use of IT.

Event Design

Cyber Security

The Internet brings huge business opportunities and benefits; it also brings some security risks. It is increasingly important to manage these risks to take advantage of the internet whilst protecting your business.

Cyber Security

Design & Branding

We are a professional, affordable graphic design and brand management company well versed in a range of creative design mediums from corporate ID to print and online product design.

Design & Branding

Training & Development

Our training programmes are designed to facilitate Sustainable growth and development through the use of IT & digital platforms.

Training & Development

Social Media Management

We seamlessly integrate your website with several social media platforms to simplify content sharing across multiple channels.

Rhics Professional Design Portfolio

IT Training Courses in Nigeria

Online IT Courses & Distance Learning

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