A Practical 3-day Programme
N125,0000 / N99,500

  • The programme organised by Rhics UK empowers individuals with new skills and models required to create more value on digital platforms; helping businesses remain relevant, competitive and profitable.

  • The programme will highlight the key trends in the industry and provide frameworks for businesses to develop effective strategies for sustainable growth.

  • Learn some of our tried and tested digital marketing trade secrets, acquire the technical know-how needed to successfully manage digital marketing campaigns.

  • We have trained over 1,000 professionals around the world. We will teach you the same strategies we have used to grow 300+ businesses online. Money back Guarantee



Benefits of this Programme

  • Increased Revenue, Reduced Costs: Digital strategies deliver a higher ROI than other traditional forms of marketing and/or advertising, mainly by generating higher conversion rates in relation to initial costs. You will learn how to develop and implement digital strategies that will significantly improve your revenue and reduce operational costs.
  • Improved Real-time Customer Services: Through daily active engagement, organisations can respond quickly to customer requirements. You will learn how to analyse data and gain valuable insights that aid smarter business decisions through social listening,
  • Increase brand awareness and customer loyalty: You will learn how to connect with customers at each touchpoint, making it easier to find your products and services. Learn how to increase top of mind brand awareness, customer retention and brand loyalty.
  • Improved Competitive Advantage: Digital marketing, Search Engines & Social media all provide level playing grounds for businesses as the cost of participation is relatively low. It keeps you at par with rivals, allowing for keen competition. Learn how to leverage tech for business growth.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Acquire, retain and extend customers through digital avenues.
  • Provide rich customer experiences through creation of engaging content.
  • Increase website traffic and search ranking through practical, industry-standard search engine optimisation techniques.
  • Acquire new skills for entry into a new industry as a Digital Strategist, Digital Marketer, SEO Consultant, Business Analyst etc
  • Stay up to date with the latest trends in the digital marketing, social & mobile industries
  • Understand digital platforms and how to leverage them for business growth.
  • Create value for the business, its people, customers and the society at large through digital marketing
  • Formulate digital strategies with KPIs that are closely aligned to the core business objectives.
  • Increase online visibility and bottom-line profitability
  • Improve overall customer services through automation.

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  This is a practical course, please bring your laptop

Module Breakdown

Rhics Digital Marketing & Online Advertising

Digital Transformation & Disruption

This module explores the 5 domains of digital transformation. We will look at your Customers, not as mass markets but as part of a network of consumers, drastically changing the way you deliver value. This session will also look at how to partner with your Competition to “Co-opete” and drive more customer value. We will explore Data; its acquisition, analysis and application towards forecasting and product development. We will explore emerging technologies and look at ways to iteratively Innovate cost-effectively. Finally, we will look at Value creation as the core objective of digital transformation strategies.


AI & Emerging Technology in Business & Marketing

AI or Artificial Intelligence is a buzz word for businesses these days and rightfully so. AI is changing the business landscape across several industries, yet most businesses haven’t adopted AI because they believe it requires huge technological and/or financial investment. This course will expose you to different applications of AI & emerging technologies in business & marketing. You will develop an AI powered customer service Chatbot.


Value Creation: Goals, Objectives & KPIs

Traditionally, a firm’s value proposition was seen as fairly constant. Products might be updated but the basic value a business offered to its customer was assumed to be constant. New players have disrupted many industries by offering new value proposition powered by technology and platform business models. You will learn how to create Business, People, Societal & Customer values that are closely aligned to the core business goals.


Strategic Social Media Marketing

A hollistic breakdown of social media platforms. Understand the relevance and application of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, WhatsApp etc. Understand how to utilise Owned, Earned & Paid media on social media. Understand the role of influencers, seed marketing & word-of-mouth social referrals. Learn how to manage precision targetted and Re-targeting adverts on social media.


Mobile Marketing & Hyper-Connectivity

Advancements in technology have made mobile devices easily accessible. Mobile devices have facilitated the proliferation of social media and digital platforms, in turn shaping up the modern customer into a hyper-connected consumer. You will learn the characteristics of the hyperconnected consumer and understand how mobile marketing can be used to add value at each touchpoint of the consumer buying journey.


Platform Business Models: Transforming from Traditional

This session will expose participants to new ways of enabling value-creating interactions between external producers and consumers through platform business models. The platform’s overarching purpose: to consummate matches among users and facilitate the exchange of goods, services, or social currency, thereby enabling value creation. You will learn how to transfrom your business from traditional to platform models.

Christian Junior – Lead Facilitator

Digital Transformation Strategist, Rhics Technology UK

Christian is an Oxford University certified Digital Marketing Strategist with 10 years practical experience in the IT industry. He maintains an impressive portfolio of over 300 successfully executed projects within various disciplines.

He has consulted on numerous IT projects for international clientele; managing stakeholders and workforce spread across several countries. Most recently, he has led the design of projects for brands including Standard Chartered Bank, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Co-op Bank, Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) London, Antigua High Commission London, Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions (CCCU), Cooling Tech, Edward B. Beharry Group, Standard Chartered Bank amongst many others.

Christian has a track record of successfully implementing effective digital marketing strategies for a number of global organisations.


Weds 9th – Fri 11th October, 2019

9am – 5:30pm GMT

Venue: 16, Amodu Ojikutu Street, Off Saka Tinubu,

Victoria Island, Lagos.

Email: info@rhicstech.com  Tel.: 09082909849


Weds 7th – Thurs 8th October, 2019

9am – 5:30pm GMT

Venue: Plot 2390, Takoradi Street, Opposite Amusement Park,

Wuse Zone 1, Abuja.

Email: info@rhicstech.com  Tel.: 09082909849

Testimonials & Reviews

Lynette Taylor
Communications Specialist, Barbados Financial Service Commission

Christian’s brain works as quickly as the internet when it comes to digital strategies and marketing ideas. He was free with his advice and guidance and whatever else he thought would help us understand and implement the knowledge into our organisations’ digital strategies. He has an interactive form of training that allows your learning to…

Ruth Wilson
Soarers International

The greatest takeaway for myself and my team is that we’re able to improve our inbound marketing and sale. Also, how to attract customers, convert them and close them.

Nerissa Sam
Public Service Credit Union

One of the things that stood out to me is the fact that in order for your business to be relevant in this technological age, you can use the different social media platforms to promote your business. It can help you to get more customers.

Roger Duncan
Co-operative Bank

I found the training in digital strategies for business growth to be a real and practical journey towards my organization achieving a competitive edge in the industry; the finance e industry. It really put in focus our strategic plans; how we target our customers and remain relevant in a digital marketing world.

Gavin Cornwall
Avantgarde / Pan-American Life Insurance

I just completed the Digital Strategies for Business Growth course which was moderated by Christian. This guy is fantastic; he knows his stuff. His delivery mechanisms are fantastic. He’s very conversant with the topic and I would suggest this course to everyone. My main takeaway from this course is that it has opened my mind…

Aleem Yatali

I really enjoyed the practical approach to the class. Tremendous amount of information and hands-on exercises. Everything was excellent. This class has enhanced my digital marketing strategy for my business.

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About the Organisers

Rhics is a creative digital agency headquartered in London, UK with branches across 4 continents. We specialise in Digial Marketing, Social Media Management, Mobile & Web Application development, Design & Branding and general IT consultancy.

We have a proven history of creating online success for global organisations via our suite of services offerings. We help define your goals, create effective strategies, build easy to use applications, and design award-winning systems that communicate the desired message.

Our process unites talent & passion with discipline.

We are committed to providing affordable Digital Transformation education to the world.